Health Check

Regular specialist engine diagnostics can help prevent costly breakdowns and add to the useful life of your asset, significantly extending overhaul schedules.


  • Engine diagnostics
  • Engine performance and tune ups
  • Cylinder/engine borescoping
  • Fluid analysis

Engine diagnostics

Comprises of a function test of the engine, peak and compression pressures, fuel pump timing checks and diagnostic checks utilising the proprietary software for many OEM’s.

Engine performance and tune ups

Electronically monitor cylinder mean indicator pressure and indicator power without needing to stop the engine. Combustion analysis graphs provide an indication of pressure changes in the cylinders, information on engine performance and power deviation in the cylinders.

Cylinder/engine borescoping

Inspection of cylinders, gear trains, coolers and various other internal components can be used to prevent unnecessary maintenance. Royston Australia can provide a video borescope with an accompanying report with sufficient clarity to provide an accurate assessment of the liner and piston conditions to satisfy owner and class.

Fluid Analysis

Fluid samples can be taken for laboratory analysis to show early indications of acclerated wear and premature failure of engine components.

Procedures that prevent problems and prolong asset life

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